Are You an Earth-Born Soul or a Starseed?

starseed meaning in astrology

“You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.” ~ Eckhart Tolle


Have you ever felt that home is somewhere else, far away from Earth? That you don’t fit among humans and the typical social ways of living? Or that you feel more like an alien than a human being?


Starseeds often don’t feel at home among humans. They feel like they should be somewhere else, deeply fascinated by star systems and outer space.


They feel a deep longing for a home that “doesn’t exist”. They are deeply fascinated by the meaning of starseeds in astrology and seek cosmic connections beyond the confines of Earth.


Hold on. You must be thinking to yourself, “What is a Starseed?”, “Why am I resonating with it?”



What are Starseeds and where have they come from?


starseed birthmarks


It is believed that Gaia (the Earth) was suffering from lower frequency and vibrations and sent a call for help to other star systems, galaxies, and planets. Higher Dimensional beings from other star systems, galaxies, and planets answered this call.


They volunteered to incarnate on Earth, help in the ascension of human beings, and in raising the planet’s vibrations. However, there is an avoidable element to being a part of the birth and re-birth cycles on Earth.


Starseeds have a unique mission and purpose on Earth, but they don’t incarnate with inherent knowledge of their past lives. To understand their starseed identity and awaken their true potential, it is crucial for them to commit to their Spiritual Path.


By embracing their starseed missions and purpose, they can embark on a journey of self-discovery and remember their true origins.



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“It is time to awaken!” “You have a mission! It is time to begin!” “Stop wasting time! Time is growing short for you to accomplish what you came to Earth to do!”

― Dolores Cannon, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth


Starseeds Resonate With Most Or All These Signs:


starseed codes



About 78 million beings came to Earth from planets, galaxies, and star clusters different from our solar system.


If you resonate with the idea of being a starseed and have a connection to your starseed origins, you will nod your head to most or all of these unique characteristics and qualities associated with starseeds:


  • Longing for a home away from Earth
  • Feeling slightly out of place among human beings
  • Heightened intuition and sensitivity to sounds, places, and people
  • A deep sense of purpose but not knowing what it is yet
  • Dreams or visions of places that do not look like they are from the Earthly realm
  • An inherent fascination with alien civilizations, UFOS, and such
  • An inherent fascination with outer space, different star systems, and galaxies
  • Feeling oneness with everything in the universe and repulsion by discriminatory structures

How can I know my Starseed origins?

How to know your Starseed marking can be a very fascinating process. These markings aren’t any Starseed birthmarks like one would assume.


They are unique alignments and events in your celestial birth chart. Unveiling these Starseed codes unravels the cosmic blueprint of your spiritual origins and purpose.


You can discover your Starseed Soul Origins by:


1. An Akashic Records Reading:

During an Akashic Records Reading, you can discover the signs of Starseed awakening. You will get to know your Soul origins, the places (and galaxies) where have you incarnated as a Soul, and what your current life purpose is.


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2. Soul Astrology:

A Soul Astrologer dives deep into your birth chart and combines Psychic guidance with your key planetary positions.


This reading will reveal your Starseed origins and give guidance on whether your choices align with your Soul Mission. Additionally, it may shed light on any Starseed awakening symptoms you may be experiencing.



3. Guided Meditations:

Embracing your Starseed lineage through guided meditations allows you to enter a deep state of trance and relaxation, facilitating access to your Soul wisdom. You can access your Starseed origins, communicate with your Starseed family, and receive guidance on your mission.


This practice will demand time, effort, and repetition. But most importantly, opening your heart to the process and information.


There are 25 unique, insightful, and fascinating Starseed Types that we are keen to tell you about in our upcoming blogs. 


If you feel called to learn about your Starseed origins and your unique purpose on Earth, take a step. An Akashic Records Reading or a Soul Astrology consult within the Starseed community will greatly enhance your journeyadd a lot of purpose to your exploration.


It will help you remember your Star roots and the reasons behind your incarnations. 


We will be more than happy to facilitate these readings and consults for you. Feel free to reach out to us at 9811626045 or email us at for the same!


Stay tuned and let your mind and heart open to the vastness of your Soul.



2 thoughts on “Are You an Earth-Born Soul or a Starseed?”

  1. I could resonate with each and every sign mentioned above. The feeling that home is somewhere else. The feeling to keep moving in search of something I have no idea what.
    Sometimes I feel I’m so done here and want to go back home. I don’t belong here any more. 🙏❤️

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