How to be Spiritually Aware

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Being spiritually aware is about understanding yourself, your values, where you are on your spiritual journey, and how you perceive the world. Once you understand where you stand in your spiritual journey, it is easier to chart a future path.


Also, since spiritual wellness involves our life purpose, lessons, values, and beliefs, it is a very personal journey for each one of us. It is important (and very rewarding) to discover, what is Spirituality to you.


1. Awareness of where you are today:

It is important to understand where we stand today as regards our spiritual journey. This powerful awareness not only sheds light on the efforts we have made over the years but also gives us an opportunity to explore the direction in which we would like to move ahead.


Sometimes we get so bogged down with our day-to-day life that we forget to take stock of the bigger picture and our spiritual journey.


All the meditations and workshops that you have attended, and the effort you have made previously in pursuit of peace and happiness, have brought you to a certain level. What is that level that you find yourself at? That is exactly where you need to start your spiritual journey.


Start a new spiritual journal and spend at least 5 minutes writing in it every day. Note down the starting point, mentioning the date clearly. This will give you an excellent boost when you look at it 3 or 6 months from now. Go on, and decide to have fun while you’re at it!


2. Explore your spiritual core:

Everybody has different values when it comes to life, and the same applies to spirituality as well. Defining your spiritual core is like setting the rules for your spiritual life. These should embody deep-seated beliefs and values that have stood steadfast in your life.


Spiritual Growth also demands inner transformation at every level. What is the value that pulls you the most? Is it courage, love, kindness, knowledge, or peace? At Soul Miracles, we deeply believe in the values of courage, allowance, and compassion.


These are the pillars on which we base our programs. Since we all have different value systems and different lessons to learn from life, it is important for you to explore where you are at this stage of your life journey. It is important (and very rewarding) to discover, what is Spirituality to you.


Have an honest discussion with someone who understands you well. Take the help of this person as a soundboard to explore thoughts that come to you and request them not to give their input at this stage. Once this is done, do capture it in your spiritual journal.


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3. Awareness of the meaning of signs:

Being Spiritually aware embodies a keen observation of what is being shown to you on a day-to-day basis. Signs like feathers, coins, seeing a flying plane, numbers like 1111 or 2222, recurring dreams, or other unique signs could be a message that the spirit world is sending for you.


It is up to you to be able to understand why this is being shown to you. Descriptions of Angel numbers and other signs must be studied to help you understand the messages better. When we are finding our personal answer for what is spiritual awareness to us, these signs guide us in that search.


Write down the signs that you see every day, and you will be amazed at how often these recur in your life.


4. Meditation:

Spending time to meditate is a great way to increase your ability to be spiritually aware.  It is crucial to your Spiritual growth. There are various forms of meditation that you could explore.


Everybody has a different way of connecting to the Universe and Spirituality. Meditation allows us to shut down the monkey brain, relax our conscious senses and establish a clear subconscious pathway to the universe.


Visualize a lake in your mind. The objective is to see what is at the bottom of the lake. Your mind is like the water and the bottom of the lake is like the answers you would like.


If the water is not still or is muddy, you would hardly be able to see what lies beneath. It is the same when our mind is cluttered with unnecessary thoughts.

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Deep meditation is your strongest connection to the spiritual knowledge that awaits you. if you are new to meditation or find it difficult to meditate, start with small, guided meditations that are between 5 to 10 minutes.


5. Spend time with like-minded people:

It is in the company of others that we learn more about ourselves. People who have similar values, are on the same path as you are, and have had life experiences similar to yours can be invaluable in helping you understand your spiritual journey.


This could include online support groups – like career groups, illness support groups, study groups, single parent groups, and more.


Not only do these groups help us to understand our journey better, but they also are a good sounding board for evaluation and awareness of one’s own life path.


A spiritual support group like this reflects the same values. So much of our understanding of Spirituality expands with people of the same values. They enhance our Spiritual growth.


If you are not part of online support groups, please explore this. It is of great merit to have like-minded people around you. If group energy overwhelms you, consider developing a smaller inner circle to help you with the same purpose.


6. Talk to your close friends and family:

There is no better set of people to give you feedback than people who have witnessed your journey. It is important to see your journey through the eyes of others.


Ask for feedback and try to see your journey from the eyes of those who have been around you. This would add a lot of value to your awareness. You would be able to see your ups and downs, your triumphs and victories, and get a good grip on what you’ve learned over the years.


It is very common for people to see only their shortcomings and lose self-esteem over a period of time. It is therefore important for us to take feedback from others to get an overall sense of our journey.


In case feedback from close family overwhelms you, please ask them to be gentle. You could also ask for written feedback or recorded feedback if that is more comfortable.


We hope these tips will help you become more Spiritually aware and enhance your Spiritual growth. Let us know what is spiritual awareness for you and how you define it.



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  1. Fantastic tips! Stay present, practice gratitude, and connect with your inner self. It’s a quick read that packs a punch of wisdom.

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