10 Reasons Why You Are Stuck In Your Spiritual Journey

what to do when you feel spiritually stuck

Eyes closed, breathing even you are sitting cross-legged in yet another meditation class (sigh) and suddenly an all too familiar frustration grips you.


Your body is in that class, but your mind is playing thought after thought like a movie screen. Breath quickening, a silent anger bubbling, you wonder about why you feel stuck in your spiritual journey?


Admit it, you have tried everything from meditation to chanting to breathing deep, to even learning a few energy modalities. Listen to a spiritual sermon every morning, pray to the moon and even use crystals.


But beneath it all, you feel stuck in spiritual journey.  Feel like nothing is moving.  Listen to other people and realize that there is something- that X factor- that they seem to have yet you don’t.

So, what is really blocking your spiritual journey? What is standing between you and the blissful abundance that you seek?


Firstly, please know that this is extremely natural. Especially when we start this  spiritual journey, there are a lot of mistakes people make. Here are some of the reasons why this may be happening to you.


1. You Expect Immediate Change

Spirituality is a journey. It is not a practice where you see immediate results. That starts with understanding concepts at a mental level. After all, for it to sink in, we need to unlearn a lot of things that were taught to us from childhood.


For example- we are taught that anger and sadness are unhealthy emotions and should be avoided. In the new spiritual context however, no emotion is bad.


Undoing years of learning does take time. Patience and allowance for your own pace is very important. Depending on how strongly you believe in something, the time to understand new concepts will vary.


2. You Expect Others And Life Situations To Change

Since you are working so hard on yourself, you keep a constant lookout for the result. Here again, our conditioning comes in. We are taught that hard work gives results and believe what you see.


In spiritual journey, the change happens on the inside first. Once the change is powerful enough, our external situation starts to change.


This again may take time. And we abort the process halfway because we don’t see the change externally. We haven’t been taught to measure internal change, so we misinterpret spiritual growth as though nothing is materializing.


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3. You Have Not Identified Your Life Purpose

Here is something every person should invest time and energy in. Life purpose is the meaning of your existence.


Why are you here? What is the unique purpose that only you can fulfill? Many times, people mistake careers or social service with life purpose. There are many ways to find out your life purpose.


One way could be to sit down with yourself quietly and meditate on what really drives you? it may have nothing to do with what you are doing now in life.


For example, you may really love to watch birds or to bake or to compose music. It doesn’t have to translate into money or only involve working with other people.


My life purpose:

Is to help others find their purpose. It took me years to realize that, but once I did, there was no looking back. So do invest time in this.


Other ways could be channeling through your spirit guides or going through Akashic Records to see the journey of your soul. My suggestion is to use the simple method first, we should know all the answers and I am sure you will get yours.


4. You Think Spirituality Is A Modality

A lot of people feel that spirituality (like exercise or diet) is something you practice in a lotus pose with eyes closed and it can be done for a few minutes or hours during the day. Well, the truth is that this is a way of living and not an action-based modality.


Spirituality is a new way of being, a new existence, a shift in perspective. It is embodying the new you. Meditation is one of the many ways to calm the mind and should not be confused with spirituality. Only when you are ready to be spiritual will you move forward.


5. You Haven’t Identified Your Soul Lessons

We have taken birth here on Earth to learn and ascend in our soul’s journey. It means that a lot of difficulties that we experience are chosen by us before we were born.


Sounds bizarre? Well it is true! Let’s say that someone’s lesson in this life is Self-Power. They will automatically choose abuse/disrespect so that they are forced to stand up for themselves, hence empowering and learning the lesson.


If you haven’t already done so, do reflect on your life to see what lessons do you need to learn?


Consider Checking How Akashic Records Can Help You Find Your Soul Lessons


6. You Haven’t Taken Responsibility Of Your Life

You feel it’s still someone else’s fault.


Everyone know that we all feel we are responsible people. I use the word here to explain that we blame God or life or others for what is happening to us.


We may have composed our responses over the years to show that we don’t care, but deep inside, we truly feel cheated. Actually, we  feel  disappointed, betrayed, sad, judged and unhappy. We also compare our life situation with others which makes us feel more miserable.


After all, why does life seem so easy for some and so tough for us? This thought can put a big block in your journey.


 My point is :

This is how to fix it. Please know that most of the experiences that you are having here on Earth, have been chosen by you before you came.


That was done in order to learn your lessons.  Rest of them happen because you don’t know the rules of the game. The laws with which the Universe operates.


It would be safe therefore to say that-


Everything that is happening in your life has either been created by you or attracted by you.


Once you take responsibility for all of what is happening, you drop the blame and resentment, thereby freeing yourself.


7. You Feel Unlucky, That Life Has Been Unfair To You

Life is not what is happening to you, It is what you have chosen and are making of it. The constant victim mode can pull your vibrations down to a large extent.


I know of a lady who says that she is spiritual and positive, but the moment someone complains about their life, she joins them wholeheartedly. Her point is that she is not unjustified in feeling so, as the past has proved that she does not have much luck in any area of her life.


My point is– if you are on this journey, accept all of your life and yourself- As you are. There is nothing anyone can change about the past.


Bitterness, resentment and complaining about it will only create patterns in your subconscious mind that will attract more negativity in your life. Keep your words positive. For that, acceptance and forgiveness is key.


8. You Don’t Understand The Laws Of The Universe

We all stay in a Universe, that operates on 12 laws. The Law of attraction and Law of Karma are a few popular ones. Once you understand these laws, you will be able to attract almost anything in your life.


For example-The Law of oneness states that we are all one, hence excluding anyone from our life will result in the Universe excluding us. When we do wrong to let’s say a street vendor by arguing with him or paying less money, the universe may show this as a loss in our business.


Many people wonder why they keep incurring misfortunes or losses. Well, studying and applying these laws will stop you from making these common mistakes and attracting abundance in your life.


9. You Are Still Operating From Right And Wrong

Even being on the Spiritual journey, many people are driven by what is “right” and must be done. This also creates expectations from other people, which leads to disappointment.


This is how to fix it. Know that there is no “absolute truth or right”.  What we feel is right, is actually what has been taught to us by our parents and the society. It is simply a “point of view”.


Others may have their points of view that may not match ours. This causes friction in relationships. But once we understand that there is no right or wrong way, it becomes much easier to accept and love others.


10. You Are Unable To See The Larger Picture

Like I said, Spirituality is a journey. This life is only one part of a much bigger picture. Our souls have been around for centuries- in different lives, different roles, different cultures, male, female, different relationships.


The picture is much larger than what meets the eye in this life. We all must play various roles in each life in order to experience the lessons attached to those roles.


We have all been murderers, magicians, farmers, librarians, abusers, victims, war veterans and much more. The  Spiritual journey of the soul is far richer and vast that what we can imagine.


This understanding helps us accept ourselves, our life and others as one big family. A Soul family- that grows together through experiences. The path is a beautifully curated journey that you must congratulate yourself for choosing.


Wishing you the very best on this journey. Stay blessed!

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Are Stuck In Your Spiritual Journey”

  1. i’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    I’ve been in my spiritual journey more than 3 years i feel i’m stuck and i don’t know what to do. your article gives me hope and hope to work on my spiritual path.
    do you do on line courses to help people like me to get in to the right path please. thank you.
    regards. halema.

  2. This is how I typically feel when I start something new. The article has renewed my faith and shown me how to overcome stagnation, not just in my spiritual journey but in life in general. It’s a great reminder to reassess and realign our priorities toward spiritual fulfillment.

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