Spirituality: Connecting the Dots

I am asked this so often that I have lost count. The question is often accompanied by “that” look, a cross between envy and curiosity. A look that asks loudly, “How did she get it and we didn’t?” There is only one answer: Spirituality.


There may be different perspectives, varying definitions and countless explanations, but to me spirituality is nothing but creating space between what is happening and who you are.


Of taking a step back from your circumstances and looking at them as an outsider. Removing ourselves from the drama, and remembering that life is not happening to you, it is happening for you.


Very simply, spirituality is looking within you and knowing that all you need is right there. No person, money, house or car will fill your half empty glass. No session with a healer can magically eradicate your obstacles.


In the end, it is about connecting to that unlimited abundant source of power, knowledge and love within you, that will get you to understand the tapestry of Life.


As you work your way through it, you will realize that the intricately woven threads of your emotions, circumstances, love, determination and relationships are led by that one powerful needle called the Universe.


Embrace it and have unwavering faith that as it weaves through your past, present and future, the tapestry that will emerge will be a Masterpiece. Because you deserve it. Because spirituality is a way of life, your life.


Many people claim to have read and understood the concept, yet are unable to implement it. They go from class to class, book to book and to innumerable healers, creating a frenzy of confusion. Finally they come to the conclusion that life and spirituality cannot co-exist.


The real reason for their misery however, is the expectation that the circumstances and people around them will change. It is difficult for people to take responsibility of their life, their choices and their actions.


And when they can’t take responsibility, they blame.


There Is Either A Person Or Life Who Is To Blame For Every Choice We Have Ever Made.


  • “If my spouse was a nicer person, I would not be so stressed!”
  • “If only my parents did not fight all the time, I would have had a great childhood.”
  • “If only I were slimmer, more beautiful, he wouldn’t have walked out on me.”

And the list goes on…


With blame, comes self-pity, where we cast ourselves as the victim. In this space, most people feel strongly about how they have been wronged and are unwilling to let go of that belief.


  • “What? Forgive him- after what all he did to me? No way!”
  • “Work on my Goal? Well…it never works out. I have tried so many times, but I am a failure.”
  • “Inner child? What is that? I had a remarkable childhood. So what if I shout at my dad, he has been so negative all my life. But I still care for him, I’m so evolved you see. So, what healing are we talking about?”
  • “It works for me socially to stay in this relationship. I suspect that my spouse is not faithful, but what marriage doesn’t require a compromise? Did you say I need to work on self-esteem- Why??”


It is a deeply comforting zone as well, since as a culture we tend to lend our shoulder to someone who is feeling like a victim. The pain most of us feel comes from a feeling of helplessness, that we have no control over what is happening to us.


But that is not true. We need to understand that every situation and person in our life is what we have attracted by our vibration.


Spirituality is nothing but stepping back from the drama of our life, and taking responsibility for what is happening around us. It is about empowering ourselves to step out of the zone of being cast as a victim, and make powerful choices that take us to live our best life.


“If you want a different result, make a different choice!”


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