The Mediumship workshop with Soul Miracles illuminates you on what Mediumship is all about,
and how you can use it as a gift for yourself and others.

Who can do it?

Practicing mediumship involves raising the vibration of a medium to an extent where it can communicate with that of a Spirit. 

Both gifted mediums and non-mediums can learn this art. This high-energy process requires the Third Eye to be activated before learning.

Hence, it is recommended that people who join this workshop have done energy building work or the first level of our Automatic writing workshop. If you are showing signs of mediumship abilities, we definitely recommend you explore it further.

“What we don’t understand from life, we understand from death.”

“What we don’t understand from life, we understand from death.”

Our Clients Speak for Us

“I keep on watching your session again & again because I get some hidden answers every time I start the video. but I have still not seen it till the end as my son's exam is going on. Your session is so healing as we understand everything from their (spirits) point of view & to know that they have gone home so dear to them, free of all the earthly sufferings & happy to go from here but to know that they are still there with us. I am feeling much better & don't want to see the days when she suffered but to remember that she is really very happy in her new home with her loved ones so that I can carry on with my life which is what she also wishes I should do. Thank you Mam so much. I have seen half the video. As my son's exams are till the 29th I request you to extend the days so that I can watch it as & when I am free. Thanks, Mam once again.☺️”
Sumita Salian
“Hello Everyone, I must confess that Manmeet Ma’am has immense experience in her field. She has the full potential to find out the missing elements in the path of your successful life and work deeply on it. She has made a shift in my life to such an extent that with her guidance and knowledge I am on a path to a successful life and career unaffected by the negative actions and deeds of people around me. I really thank Mam for being such a wonderful human being and a great mentor. Lots of gratitude to you Mam. I am one of the luckiest people to find her in my life journey. I have done my mediumship level course recently with Mam as well. And again, God’s grace is with me in the form of Mam. She has taken me on my spiritual journey in such a beautiful way that I am short of words. Again, my heartfelt gratitude towards Manmeet Ma’am???. ”
Swatii Patil
Healer , Pune
“There cannot be a more powerful mentor than Dr. Manmit for the Mediumship course. My journey with Soul Miracles has been a life-changing experience. Although I have been meditating for over a decade and I may have had experiences of Divine interventions, I never understood the depth of this connectivity. There was this dire need to know answers to questions that were beyond this world. My experience took me to another level, another realm, which I never knew existed. This journey, to describe in words, I am not doing justice to it. My spiritual shopping had come to an end. I joined as a Lightworker with the Universal Force to heal the world. This empowered me with a lot of faith in myself. Being a medium is a big gift as I realized that humans have an extreme potential of getting emotionally attached in any relationship. Needless to say that every human/living being has a life span and when it ends, there is a huge amount of grief that is left behind with the ones who are still on the journey of life. Grief, if not ended soon, leads to illnesses and diseases which are terminally brutal. All those, who understand that every illness has an emotional cause will understand how deadly it is.”
Kusum Sunil Hemnani
Healer , Dubai

The Mediumship workshop addresses these concerns. Which one is yours?

  • Need to protect your family members from entity attack
  • Be able to perform house/workspace clearing on their own, and not depend on anyone
  • Get closure from the loss/connect with the departed soul of your loved ones
  • Seen, heard, or communicated with spirits
  • Want to learn how to communicate with spirits safely and effectively

The mediumship course with Dr. Manmit teaches all aspects and tools of Mediumship training. It starts from a beginner’s level by teaching how to connect with spirits, ascertain messages correctly, and learn how to take this as a professional practice. Deeper practices such as clearing negative energy, entities, etc. from your space are introduced with precision. Black magic and entity attacks- what, when, how do they work, and how to protect from them are covered as well.

Meet the Teacher : Dr. Manmit

Dr. Manmit Kumarr is a skilled Akashic Records reader and a passionate Automatic Writing teacher.


She is also a gifted psychic and medium who constantly works with higher dimensions and acts as a channel for the deceased to communicate with their loved ones on Earth. Manmit comes from a disciplined army family background where she grew up with the idiosyncrasies of an Army household.


She is an alumnus of Delhi University and has received her Doctorate in ‘Spiritual Counselling’ from Mother Teresa University, Australia.


Manmit spells her life purpose as, “training and guiding 500,000 people to achieve spiritual sufficiency.”

The Flow of the workshop

The Mediumship workshop has 3 levels:

  • Beginner level 
  • Advanced level 
  • Practitioner level 

All levels are deeply experiential and offer tools that help you become a Medium. The practitioner level ensures that you understand this art from the perspective of a professional medium. All levels are guided and executed by Dr. Manmit herself.

Beginner and Advanced Levels

After completing these levels, you will be able to

The Practitioner Level

This level helps you take your personal gift to a stature where you can help others. After mastering this level you can, successfully set up your own Mediumship practice for:

  • Getting and sharing messages from the departed spirit with a proper energy exchange
  • Beginning your journey as a professional medium & building Mediumship as your own life purpose
  • Handling clients and understanding how to give correct messages
  • Dealing with doubts
  • Protection from possession for self and family
  • Dealing with groups and clusters of spirits and clearing them
  • Clearing your own home
  • Protection of your own house and business at an advanced level

All the levels of this course are structured to offer sufficiency to you as a Healer and Medium. 

Please write to us at for more details on the content of both levels.

What Not To Expect

  • It’s not necessary that you will see the soul you are trying to connect with.
  • It is not necessary that you will hear them, or receive very clear or detailed information.
  • If you’re asking unimportant or random questions like “where are my lost keys?” just to test the spirit, please don’t do that. It takes a lot of energy for the spirit to connect, as well, and you shouldn’t pursue this if you don’t have faith.
  • More often than not, the spirit comes there to give you closure and ask you to move on. Make sure you are ready to hear that.

Mediumship FAQs

It is usually recommended that we connect with departed souls after 21 days of passing away. This could be different in the case of a tragic death or an attempt to take one’s own life.

The session can be comfortably done online as well. The session can be delivered physically as well as in a voice recording or an email. You can let us know your preference and we would work accordingly.

Thank you for asking, seeker! Get in touch with our team at

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