Future Intuitive Reading

Situations/Scenarios when someone can use Future Intuitive Reading?

Our Clients Speak for Us

“Mam is absolutely a gifted psychic. Through her angel’s vision, she will give you the correct answer and she is so perfect at reading what is going in our mind and predicting the future, and resting our efforts will make us reach our goals. I shared my things with her and she automatically read out what I wanted in my life and what my soul wants. She has given me the true definition of a miracle and Would be highly recommended. As we all know we cannot compete with God but the way mam is helping us that is totally equal to God.”
Ajay Singh Mehla
Corporate Professional, Gurgaon
“Today I had a Psychic Session with Manmeet mam. It was really meaningful and it resolved a lot of the issues that I’m facing in my life right now. She gave clear guidance on my Soul purpose, Soul lessons, issues that are coming from my past lives, and also future guidance about me and my daughter, got to know the blockages that I’m carrying and how to forward move in my life. She even guided me with the mantras and rituals that I should follow to solve the issues and also if there was any black magic/entities around me. It was a detailed insightful session. This session was totally a blessing and an eye-opener for me. Manmeet ma’am truly is a star! Would recommend this session to everyone who is looking for genuine guidance in their life right now. Thanks, Manmeet mam. “
Abhilasha Bawa
Enterprenuer, Gurgaon
“Way back in 2018, I chanced upon a video of Dr. Manmit on Facebook. Sheer curiosity made me watch it till the end and that was a point in my life where I was on the cusp of practicality and Spirituality. After that, I kept watching her videos and listening to her speak about Spirit Guides and how to connect with them. Around the time, I was having some issues with some very close people and I got a reading done. It was very enlightening and cleared many of my doubts, and answered questions I had been carrying around with me forever. Later in 2019, I got a short reading done for my son and that was very heartening as well. Recently, my son has been facing a tough phase health-wise and of course, I turned to Manmit ma’am for guidance. Took up a detailed reading concerning his health as well as his future. The insights given by ma’am are truly helpful. First and foremost she spoke to my son and cheered him up. He felt refreshed and light-hearted and positive after a long time. Ditto with me. Hearing ma’am speak with assurance has given me a lot of positivity. She is always very supportive, and very patient in answering even the silliest of questions. Speaking with her, I felt as though I was sitting inside a temple and God was reassuring me. After the call, she makes it a point to stay in touch, and continues to guide and support me and my family in every way, every single day. Her prayers and blessings for my son are what keep me going these days. Am eternally grateful to Dr. Manmit for everything she is doing for my child to recover soon and resume a normal life. ???? ”
Vasantha S
Home Maker, Bangalore

What to expect from the reading?

  • Know your lessons and life purpose
  • Get direction related to choices you need to make
  • Redirect your journey if required
  • Know the future possibilities that you can play with
  • Get prepared and inspired for a better lifeAbility to see the positive side of life
  • Mindfulness of the possibilities ahead

What Not To Expect

  • Definite answers like the precise date of when you will get married. Future is a combination of possibility, probability, and choices.
  • Sex of a child- we don’t determine that.
  • Answers to concerns like when will a particular person enter your life. We can’t force a person into our lives. As a future teller, Dr. Manmit holds high regard for free will and personal choice.
  • Answers to questions like “When will this person stop doing black magic on me?” There’s no date to things like these. All of us have good and bad time periods. We can teach you how to get rid of the black magic but can’t give you a proper date.
  • Answers regarding death and pregnancy.
  • Answers to questions like “Will my cancer be cured at stage 4?”. We don’t do specific health predictions, only general health predictions.

How can one use this reading?

  • Uncertainty can cause anxiety and cloud our judgment. Although Nature teaches us to be comfortable with uncertainty, it is understandable to need and receive guidance before doing something life-altering. This is exactly HOW you have to use this reading.
  • Once Dr. Kumarr lays down the future possibilities of your concern, you will know not to shoot the dart in the dark. You will know what action can have what possible consequence and then the informed decision is yours to make.

Meet Dr. Manmit

Dr. Manmit Kumarr is a skilled Akashic Records reader and a passionate Automatic Writing teacher.


She is also a gifted psychic and medium who constantly works with higher dimensions and acts as a channel for the deceased to communicate with their loved ones on Earth. Manmit comes from a disciplined army family background where she grew up with the idiosyncrasies of an Army household.


She is an alumnus of Delhi University and has received her Doctorate in ‘Spiritual Counselling’ from Mother Teresa University, Australia.


Manmit spells her life purpose as, “training and guiding 500,000 people to achieve spiritual sufficiency.”

Pricing/Duration/ Mode of Consult/Terms and Conditions

This session deep dives into your soul chart. We look at your current situation and the issues that you are facing. Thereafter, we balance it with the unlearnt lessons in this lifetime. 


If you are looking to be guided about your future, this session is for you. Dr. Manmit can hold space for you in a non-judgemental way and help you move forward. As a psychic, she channels through Clairvoyance. She takes the help of her Spirit Guides and your Guides as well to ascertain what choices would best suit you. As a future reading expert, she guides in making informed decisions. 


As a Soul astrologer, Dr. Kumarr uses astrology to understand the journey of your soul. As an Akashic Records reader, your records speak to her and if there is anything that needs to be highlighted, then it is brought forward into the session.


As your spiritual life coach, she can guide you and share with you the consequences of the choices you make. She can lay open the possibilities that your future holds and empower you with knowledge about each decision. The final choice must be yours.


This reading can be taken online or in person. A mini reading is for thirty minutes whereas a full reading is for sixty minutes.

Future Intuitive Reading FAQs

We will require your Full (Birth Name)Name, Place of Birth, Time of Birth, and Date of Birth.

I believe that the future is not set in stone. It is a combination of options that are available to us through our destiny chart and the choices we make. The paths we tread on and the ones we leave behind. It is ultimately about choice and free will.

Thank you for asking, seeker! Get in touch with our team at mail@manmeetkumar.com

All of us deal with questions that can completely change the direction of our lives. Questions like “Can I leave my country and move to another country? Will that be good for me?”, “ I want to leave my job and start a business venture. Will that be good for me?”, “ I am going to marry this person. Will this be a good match?” can keep you up at night because they can completely turn the course of your lives. In such situations, a future intuitive reading brings you clarity, shows you a bigger picture, and lends you peace of mind. It also prepares you for possibilities ahead. 

More Love from Clients

“I took a future consultation with Manmeet at a difficult time in my professional life. I was unsure whether I should stay in India or relocate. How the move would impact my family, whether this would work out in the long run or not- these questions were answered very well by her. Her psychic ability is par excellence. To the point, answers along with guidance on lessons opened many possibilities for my future. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for intuitive guidance. It makes taking decisions so much easier…God bless you Manmeet!”
Rekha Maingi
“Manmeet mam is patient personified. She is very calm & directs you on your life path & lessons in a gentle but firm manner. She had predicted my grandson’s birth date without even knowing about my daughter’s pregnancy. I have taken a personal session from her which was to my advantage .Whoever is reading this should without a doubt approach her for her guidance . I would like to say all the healing & clearing sessions I took from her have definitely made me calm & courageous .Manmeet mam & Pratima have stood by me whenever I have needed them. I am very grateful to them for everything ! Wish them success & happiness always ! ??”

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