7 Signs a Spirit is Trying to Communicate with You

Have you ever felt a strange presence or experienced unexplained phenomena? It might be a spirit trying to communicate with you. Spirits, sometimes, use subtle signs to get our attention. Here are seven signs to look out for:



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1. Strange Sensations

Have you ever felt a sudden chill in a room with no draft? Or a warm, comforting feeling when you’re alone? These sensations could be a spirit’s way of making its presence known.


For example, Sarah often feels a tingling sensation on the back of her neck when she enters her grandmother’s old room, a place where she used to spend a lot of time. She believes it’s her grandmother’s spirit trying to connect with her.

2. Unexplained Sounds

Do you hear whispers, footsteps, or knocking sounds when no one else is around? Spirits can communicate through sounds that defy logical explanations.


John often hears his deceased father’s favorite song playing softly in the background, especially during moments when he’s missing him the most. He believes it’s his father’s way of comforting him and letting him know he’s still around.

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3. Electrical Disturbances

Spirits are believed to manipulate energy, causing lights to flicker, electronic devices to malfunction, or batteries to drain suddenly. Emily experienced this when her late sister’s favorite lamp would turn on and off by itself, even though it wasn’t plugged in.


She consulted a psychic who confirmed that her sister was indeed trying to communicate with her.

4. Synchronicities

Pay attention to meaningful coincidences or repetitive patterns in your life. These synchronicities could be messages from the spirit realm.

For instance, Mark kept seeing his deceased dog’s favorite toy in unexpected places after its passing. He took it as a sign that his beloved pet was still with him in spirit.

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5. Dream Visitations

Spirits often communicate through dreams. Have you ever dreamt of a deceased loved one, feeling as if they were really there? This could be their way of reaching out to you.


Lisa frequently dreams of her grandmother, who imparts valuable advice and guidance. She believes her grandmother acts as a medium between the physical and spiritual realms.

6. Objects Moving

Spirits may move objects to get your attention. You might find misplaced items or things suddenly appearing in odd locations. Tom recalls finding his late wife’s favorite necklace placed neatly on his bedside table, even though he hadn’t touched it since her passing.


He believes it was her way of letting him know she was still watching over him.

7. Intuitive Feelings

Trust your gut instincts. If you sense a presence or feel a sudden urge to do something, it could be a spirit trying to communicate. Rebecca had a strong intuitive feeling to visit her childhood home on the anniversary of her father’s death.


While there, she discovered an old photo album filled with cherished memories, strengthening her belief that her father’s spirit guided her there.

In conclusion, spirits communicate with us in various ways, often using subtle signs and symbols. Pay attention to these signs, and don’t hesitate to consult a psychic or medium if you feel the need for guidance or validation.


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Remember, the bond between the physical world and the spirit realm is more profound than we may realize.

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