How to Create a Sacred Spiritual Workspace

Create a Sacred Spiritual Workspace with Dr. Manmit

सब्रह्माण्डोSहम्। ब्रह्मांडेन सह इति।


I am along with the cosmos inside of me.


We are the microcosm of the Universe. Our energies are born from cosmic energy. It is everything we touch, feel, detect, and sense. Every action has a ripple effect on the Universe and reverberates back into our lives.


Have you ever had trouble building your business or trying to elevate your financial status? 


Do you feel that no matter what you do, either your investors back off or your bank loans do not get sanctioned, and all efforts to succeed are thwarted by something you do not quite understand?



This is not just about the financial struggle you go through but life in general. You must have done so many things—pujas, rituals, visiting powerful temples, havans at home—but nothing has worked in your favor.


In all these years of my spiritual work, I have observed that the reason for so many of our problems is not always complex. It is actually spiritual- and sadly, most people lack this basic understanding of energy.


Everything around us is made of energy, and energies interact.




Our homes and workstations are an extension of our personal energy field. They absorb what we feel and retain that for a long time.


When we raise our vibrations, do affirmations, and lift our own energies through spiritual practices, the vibrations of our work environment should be uplifted. But strangely, it is not so for many people.


This is because the energy of their business or their office is not in sync with the energy of the owner. It could be that the space is filled with too many things, there is too much clutter, or there could be some objects that have negative vibrations lying around.


The owner is not even aware that his office is vibrating powerful negative vibes. These vibes aggravate Rahu, the planet of chaos and destruction.


Therefore, it is extremely important to scan every nook and corner of your office, factory, or workspace carefully to neutralize negative energy and bring a fresh flow of positive energy. This need not be an expensive process.


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Let’s get started with some simple but powerful steps:


1. Clearing the Negative Energy in Your Workspace:

One of the most important steps in this journey is the cleansing of stale, dark energies from your office or factory. You may start with a cleansing ritual like Smudging.


This age-old practice has purifying properties, and the aroma emanating from the smudging cleanses the space and brings in positive energy.


  1. You can purchase smudge sticks easily- use white sage for this. Place this in a bowl, preferably a earthen bowl, and light it. This could create a lot of smoke, so be prepared.


  1. Strat from the main door and move clockwise.


  1. As you smudge, focus on your intention to clear the stagnant energy and chant a protection mantra like:


Aum Aim Hring Kleem Chamundaye Vicche”


  1. If you are into affirmations, then pick one that resonates with you and keep repeating it as you move through the room with the smudging vessel.


  1. During the process, focus on the heavy, cold spots. Smudge those spots to charge them with positive energies.


  1. Once you have smudged the entire room, end the ritual at the entrance of the office room.


  1. Open the doors and windows of your office and allow the smoke to waft through every corner of the room.


  1. Do the ritual at least once a week to get the best results.



You can also spray a mild room freshener like rose water. You can also meditate in the room to fill it with positive vibes and eliminate bad feelings.


Rearrange your furniture, plants, mirrors, and objects to harmonize with your energy field. Keep your room fully ventilated and allow ample light to enter.


Smudging and regular cleansing rituals keep negative energies at bay, attract wealth, and elevate your career growth.


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2. Create Manifesting Corners

Emotions are contagious, so fill your space with objects that promote positivity.


  • Place plants or family photos around your desk to create a psychological cushion.
  • Keep unique objects like the Quan Yin statue (the goddess of compassion), the Buddha, beads, or protective stones to create a safe space and set energetic boundaries.
  • Imagine you are surrounded by a luminous light that acts as a protective bubble and prevents the infiltration of unwanted energies.
  • Place happy pictures of employees, your certificates, achievements, and awards in the northwest direction of your office to help manifest your goals and desires.



3. Remove old, stagnant objects:

Do the clearing ritual three days before Amavasya. Set firm intentions and talk to your business or office as if you are talking to a real person on a full moon day.


Speak what you want, how you want the work to move forward, and your long-term goals. This ritual not only clarifies what you should do down the line but also keeps you safe from negative vibrations.


Remove photographs or objects like a lampshade or even a pencil that may be harboring contentious energies.


For example, your intuition may be telling you that something is off, that the window curtains have not been replaced in the last few months and need to be changed. If you have that urge strongly, then do it.


4. Charge your space with the Goddess of Abundance:


Dis you know that Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi are considered to be the most powerful deities for wealth and abundance? Here is one of the most powerful but hidden spiritual practice:


Perform a Lakshmi Narayan Havan (you can do this yourself or with the help of a priest) on four consecutive full moons. Chant


“Om Shring Hring Kling Tribhuvan Mahalakshmyai

Asmaakam   Daaridray Naashay Prachur

Dhan Dehi Dehi Kling Hring Shring Om”


21 malas during the puja. The ritual brings an uninterrupted flow of wealth, success, and abundance.


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5. Fill your Space with Crystals

Crystals, placed at your desk, can be an incredible tool for attracting wealth and success in your life. We suggest the following:


Selenite: This crystal is like “liquid light” and brings positive energy. It’s excellent for clearing away bad vibes and doesn’t need much care because it cleans itself.


Black Tourmaline: This crystal protects your mind and space from negativity and evil thoughts. It’s conducive to dealing with technology’s energy.



Citrine: Think of citrine as a sunny stone that brings success and abundance. It helps you focus on your goals and make them happen.


Tiger’s Eye: Use this crystal to stay focused and confident in your career. It helps you see clearly and reach your goals.


Amethyst Cluster: Amethyst reduces stress and helps you think clearly. In a group it brings harmony to your team.


Pyrite: This is a manifesting crystal used for manifestation and abundance. It also acts as a powerful stone of protection, shielding you from negative energies and thought patterns.


You can energize the crystal by chanting any affirmation. Placing it on your desk or somewhere within your line of sight strengthens your solar plexus chakra and increases your motivation and confidence.


These powerful tools will go a long way in ensuring that blockages are removed, and wealth flows in with ease!


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