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The concept of past lives has always fascinated us. But do past lives and past karma just stay in our past? No. In almost all of my Akashic Records Readings, my clients find a block (or more) they are struggling with in this life, only to realize that they have been carrying that block from their past lives.


What are the Akashic Records?



We have talked about the Akashic Records many times on our blog, but if you are new, welcome! Your mind is going to be blown.


This is to strictly explain you in human terms, but think of a library. Now, imagine that this library has books containing records of your entire Soul journey: past lives, karma, lessons, purpose, cause of death, and more.


Every action, deed, thought, and karma that was ever conceived, thought of, or done, is recorded in these books.


The Records themselves are sacred and have been revealed to humankind only in 2013.


So many of our current life challenges have their roots hidden in our past lives and our Akashic Records can help us discover that.



Karma Comes Back In Many Shapes & Forms


After years of experience and practice, I have gained a sort of hold in recognizing a past life pattern or baggage when I hear someone’s case.


When we go into their Akashic Records, all their ‘whys’ are uncovered. All of it comes together, and the cause of their pain point is revealed.


Here are some painful mysteries we have solved through the Akashic Records:


1. Why does my debt never end?

You’d be surprised to know how many people struggle with their debts not ending despite financial management, cutting their expenses, or seeking help from chartered accountants. The debt just does not leave, because of one ‘unavoidable issue’ or another.


In the case of Mohit (name changed for privacy), his unrelenting debt was believed to be a result of past life karma, as revealed through his Akashic Records and Vedic astrology. It was a response to his actions in one of his past lives where he was a smuggler and made an empire out of black money.


His ‘why’ was answered, giving him an opportunity to heal, forgive, release, and start fresh.


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2. When will this disease leave our family? Is it a curse?


Is there a disease or illness in your family line that is too stubborn to leave? Does it keep costing you your happiness, mental peace, and money? Because that was the case with Rekha and the women in her family.


When Rekha approached my team for an Akashic Records Reading, she was returning after getting diagnosed with PCOS. She was agitated to no limit. She had seen her younger sister, mother, and aunt suffer the agonies of PCOS on their bodies and how it disrupted their entire lives.


It wasn’t just herself she was afraid for. She was also worried that her 8-year-old daughter would develop it in the future.


Rekha was quite aware of the possibilities of the Akashic Records, however, a part of her was scared of what might get revealed.


Turns out, this super successful lawyer was a gynecologist in one of her past lives. After losing a patient and her unborn child to a highly complex issue, the patient’s mother (who had barely been coping with the hospital expenses) cursed Rekha from the core of her heart.


Deep inside, Rekha (in this life) always had a feeling about this past life. Her Akashic Records Reading allowed her an opportunity to face this past life curse, release it, and get healthier.



3. My trust issues never go. I always feel they will betray me


Do you always feel anxious that your partner will betray you? Do you have trust issues that come out of nowhere every time you are romantically involved? Have these issues always built a wall between you and your partner?


Worst of all, do you have no idea where these issues come from?


It could be a deep Soul Wound you are carrying. The struggle with trust issues in romantic relationships can sometimes be rooted in past life karma.


For Nisha, it was a torturous betrayal she experienced in her marriage just four weeks after she was wedded to her husband. This happened in a different life, on a different continent, and in a different century. However, her heart echoed that painful betrayal in this life, too.


When we went into her Akashic Records, we uncovered the root cause of why she struggled with companionship so much. She confessed that her heart felt 100 kgs lighter after the Akashic Records Reading. It was as if, knowing the ‘why’ made everything so simple and allowed so many doors to open.


If you find yourself facing unexplained trust issues and challenges in your romantic relationships, exploring past life karma through an Akashic Records Reading and considering the influence of spouse astrology might offer valuable insights and pave the way to a more fulfilling and harmonious connection in this lifetime.


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4. My daughter is 11 and she is terrified of using lifts


Niti, my client’s daughter, was 6 when she had her first nightmare about violently falling from a lift. It was one of those old trolly elevators that kept haunting her sleep.


Niti had never had an elevator accident and she had most certainly never used one of those old trolly lifts. It was a phobia unexplained and a genuine discomfort to the little girl and her family.


For those of you who don’t know, a phobia is an extreme and irrational form of fear that triggers a ‘fight or flight’ reaction in you and causes a very serious panic. A modern elevator certainly did not seem scary enough to trigger that level of panic and fear.


We went into her Akashic Records after Niti had a massive panic attack outside the elevator door at a retro-themed hotel that the family went to.


Her phobia wasn’t irrational, but a result of violent death in a past life. Niti’s Akashic Records revealed that in one of her past lives, she had died violently after the ropes of the trolly lift at her workplace broke down. It is strange yet beautiful that knowing the reason behind some pain heals half of it.


5. I have a special needs child. Can the Akashic Records explain why?


He never complained about being a widowed father of a special needs child. But Daman always wondered why his child was not like everyone else. This feeling always left him a little bit bitter.


Daman had contacted his deceased wife with us through a Mediumship session and she had hinted at the situation with their child having a bigger purpose. But this was not enough anymore. Daman needed to know, especially for the sake of those moments when he would get very close to losing his patience with his son.


Daman couldn’t stop crying when we went into his Akashic Records. His son in this life was his father in a past life. Daman in that life had abandoned him in an old-age house before moving to a different country. He never visited and barely called.


He had created a new life abroad and felt that his family duties would only slow him down. A karmic debt needed to be paid. These two souls decided to settle their debt and heal their heart chakras in this life.


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Lessons have a way to make us learn them. If not today, then centuries later. But what goes around does come around, and the ‘way out’ is always forgiveness and love.


People have healed stage fright, fear of success, repeated pregnancy failures, and so much more after getting their Akashic Records cleared. You can free yourself from all that karmic baggage that has been caging you and preventing you from living a healthy and happy life.


If your heart and intuition guide you to explore your Akashic Records and delve into the depths of past life karma in your natal chart, reach out to us at 9811626045 or write to us at kumar.manmeet@gmail.com

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