Akashic Records and Family Dynamics: Navigating Ancestral Connections and Messages

“You are who you are today because of who you have been in all your past

Every Soul has a story to tell. Every story has a past. Every past has lessons that the Soul needs to learn. The most painful lessons yield the greatest wisdom, and the deepest wounds carve the path to profound healing.

This is the story of a man who hit rock bottom and then found an anchor to hoist him up.

Raj came to me with the hope of reuniting with his estranged family. Before he turned to spirituality, Raj was an alcoholic with violent tendencies. His wife, Shanthi, would often be his punching bag when his temper flared and lost control.


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Neha, their daughter, would witness the fights and grew to detest her father. One fateful day, when Raj had nearly pummeled Shanthi to death, she finally stood up to him and left him for good with Neha.


The incident hit him hard. He sobered up and started working on his anger issues. Spirituality was one of his attempts to get back to his family and also why he sought me. I suggested him to take an Akashic Records reading to comprehend the uncertainties of his life.

We entered Raj’s Records together and discovered some important events in two of his past lives.

In one life, Shanthi was Raj’s father who abused him physically . Consequently, he suffered from a severe trauma of detachment and isolation. We saw how he would get cigarette burns and take a beating if he didn’t buy alcohol for his father.


He had carried the imprints of the trauma to his present life, and that was the cause for his anger towards his wife.



In another life, we saw Neha as his adoptive mother who constantly neglected and humiliated him. The extremity of the emotional damage left Raj feeling guilty and powerless. It was also the reason why he felt dissociated with his daughter in his current life.

We further discovered he had a cursed ancestral lineage. None of is aunts or uncles had a peaceful home life.


Either there was a marital discord or one of the spouses died suddenly – they were not destined to have a congenial relationship with their families. It was also the underlying cause of his pain, anger, and contempt.

Raj understood pardoning his family was the only way to clear his karmic connection. We prayed inside the Records, asking the Guides to give him the strength for absolution.


Raj started his healing journey. The first thing he did was call Shanthi and tell her he was sorry they couldn’t have a better relationship, and he forgave her for everything they had gone through.



The Akashic Records provide you with answers that no others can. They’re your soul’s answers, and what better way to get guidance from your Soul than finding out what happens when you access your Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are sacred tools that help us unravel the mysteries embedded within our family lineage and disentangle our family karmas.

1. Discovering Ancestral Patterns:



The Akashic Records can reveal patterns and themes that transcend generations. For instance, we may trace a recurring pattern of unhealed wounds or specific challenges through ancestral lines.


Exploring these patterns can provide a deeper understanding of familial struggles and pave the way for healing.


We know before birth, souls enter into agreements or contracts with one another for mutual growth and learning. An Akashic Records reading can shed light on these soul contracts, providing insight into the dynamics and purposes behind certain familial relationships.

2. Healing Generational Trauma:

The Akashic Records offer a space for acknowledging and healing generational wounds. Through accessing these records, we may find opportunities to break free from inherited patterns of trauma, fostering a transformative healing process for ourselves and our future generations.


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3. Understanding Family Karma:

When we come into this life, we choose our family so that we can transcend and transmute through the patterns our soul is ready to identify. Our karmic patterns require us to experience pain directly to learn our soul lessons.

Accessing the Akashic Records and working through our family karma is the best way to heal ourselves and see our family in a new light.


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As we heal and work in the Akashic Records, we release our patterns, emotional entanglements, beliefs, and thoughts. We then absorb new energy and vibrations from the Akashic Records, thus furthering our healing process.

The origin of our karma is multidimensional, and it is always best to start our healing process with our current incarnation. This way, we can navigate from the present to the past and clear the blockages impeding our growth.


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