True Stories of Life after Death – COVID, Curse, and Closure

true stories of life after death



I wanted it to end where it all began


She was 32 years old and she died during COVID. Her husband came to channel her soul. She died in Dehradun while living with her husband and 2 yr old child.



The husband wanted to know why & how it all happened.


The lady’s soul shared her story:


I got married 7 years ago. We could not have a child, though we were desperate to have one. We kept trying with no luck. No doctor was able to say why I was not able to have a child.


She had a dream where she saw that a man was standing and giving her a curse.


Since you have mistreated me and my wife in this life as a mother, I curse you that you will never become a mother again


She realised that because of the curse she was unable to have a child. She said a lot of prayers and also went to Kedarnath to ask for a child in this birth.


She said, “I felt Lord Shiva was saying that you can have a child but you will not have a long time with the child“.


I still wanted to have the child & prayed to have one even if the time is short, and after a year conceived and delivered a baby boy.”


Happy with the new child, she soon forgot about what Lord Shiva had said.


They wanted to start their new life with joy.



She always wanted to go live in the hills, and convinced her husband to go to Dehradun to start to see properties there so they could buy a house there.


One day, they saw a house that appealed to her immediately.


I felt as if I had lived here” she told me.


They bought the house & Covid hit.


They couldn’t shift there.


All this while she kept having a pull to go and settle there.


Once the first wave finished, she convinced her husband to shift there.


There was an adjoining house, that had a tulsi plant on a stand (chabutra). For some reason, she kept getting attracted to it. She noticed that her neighbors house was empty and she started taking care of that plant.


I saw myself in another life, taking care of the same plant as the owner” the soul told me in the session.


You dont have a long time with your child. Make each day count


Shiva started to come in my dreams and I started to fear losing my child.


One fine day, my son developed high fever that lasted more than a week.


I was very scared that something will happen to him, I feared the worst!


I kept praying for his long life.


Little did I know, that it was me who was near death, not him!


She insisted that the husband take the child to the hospital and admit him. After they left, she automatically went to the Tulsi plant and began to pray.


This is where she was found dead, keeled over the plant.


Her body was discovered by her husband, which rushed home when she did not pick up his calls.


He was shocked to see his healthy wife bent over the Tulsi plant, dead.


The soul shared:


I felt like someone had stabbed me.


She saw darkness and a voice told her “Time to repay. Go with ease


She had a sudden cardiac arrest and lost her life within minutes.


I had planned this death as a Karmic give back. I had murdered my daughter in law in the same house.”


In her previous life, the lady was the mother, her now son was her son in that life too.


She was a possessive mother and loved her son to eternity.


When the son got married, his attention was divided between his new wife and mother. This saddened the mother and gradually, she started resenting the DIL.


The lady used to mistreat her daughter-in-law in a big way. One day, her son got a job in the US and wanted to shift there. Thinking that distance would heal the relationship between his wife and mother, he took the decision.


The mother was heartbroken and also angry.


After all she did for him, she was being left alone in her old age.


The Tulsi plant was her friend, she kept praying there.



This is the part that gave me total goosebumps.


The next day her son had gone out & the daughter-in-law was praying to the same Tulsi plant in the same house in Dehradun.


There was an oil lamp lighted infront of Tulsi & the lady, consumed by jealousy, pushed the daughter-in-law into the plant and her sari caught fire. She died on the spot.


The lady was consumed by guilt now and had to face her son’s wrath.


The son knew his mother had done something to his wife and he cursed her that she would never be a mother again.


He left her and she died desolate.


In her pre-birth plan, she and her son got into a soul contract, to pay back for her sins.


The lady’s soul said that “I felt that I have been stabbed in the back by the spirit of my daughter-in-law. It is as I thought it would be. I have repaid her karmic debt.


She is at peace now.


Sending her love and blessings to her son and husband, she said:


My son is young now, but in future, if he wants, I will connect with him.


I wanted to go back where it all started. That house was my closure of my past life.”


We carry energies on our Soul DNA.


Houses have energies.


We have energies.


Not everything can be explained.


Every soul has a story.


Just as you and I do.


Knowing about them gives closure.


To the soul and to the family.


Till we meet again….


-Dr Manmit

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