Why is Spirituality the Need of the Hour?

Have you ever wondered, ‘Who am I?’ or thought of a response that perfectly answers this question?


What do you say when someone asks, ‘How would you describe yourself?’ Your natural and automatic reply would be based on your identity and how your ego-self has associated your characteristics with that.


But what if I told you that perceptions are evolving and how people look at and question things has changed?


A considerable number of people are growing restless, especially those in mid-life. We are in a crisis as we have begun questioning our existence, and these questions often circle back to, ‘What is my purpose in life?’


No matter how far accomplished we are, we feel alone, misunderstood, disconnected, and lacking. Therefore, we push ourselves to look for something more profound that defies the superficialities of the material world.


Spirituality is the antidote to the ‘Malady of Incompleteness’ we feel.


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What is Spirituality?

Over the past decade or so, there has been a noticeable shift in how people view spirituality compared to religion. New spiritual tools such as Akashic Records and Automatic Writing have come to the limelight, allowing people to discern between religion and spirituality.


Being spiritual does not necessarily mean spending hours in meditation or prayer, attending religious services daily, or cutting off all worldly attachments to pursue salvation. In the modern world, you can have everything you want and still practice spirituality.


The word “spiritual” comes from the Latin term “spiritus,” meaning breath or life. And when you think about it, life is pretty damn important, right? So, a simple way to define spirituality is as a way of living—a path towards understanding yourself, answering that big question: “Who am I?”


Spirituality is about discovering your true self and finding meaning in life, whatever you encounter in that journey.


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Why is Spirituality Important?

Between work, social media, relationships, and keeping up with the rat race around us, it is easy to get caught up in the madness and lose sight of what matters.


That is where spirituality comes in. You hit a pause button on life and take a moment to breathe, reflect, and connect with something greater than yourself.


Think about it: when was the last time you felt truly at peace? Not just momentarily relaxed but profoundly content and fulfilled? For many of us, those moments are few and far between. But spirituality offers us a roadmap to finding inner peace and contentment regularly.


Spirituality is also about finding our soul plan and learning our life lessons. In a world where it is easy to become entangled in pursuing money, success, and Instagram likes, spirituality reminds us that there is more to life—a purpose that serves our higher self—than meets the eye.


Let’s talk about a few aspects of being spiritually aware brings into our lives.


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Spirituality Answers the Question, ‘Who Am I?’

Spirituality centers around gaining a deeper understanding of yourself. When you are spiritually enriched, you connect with light beings called Spirit Guides, who help you uncover the meaning of your existence.


There are many ways to interact with them. One is using Automatic Writing to sense their presence and ask guiding questions. The other, more potent way of communicating with higher consciousness is entering your Akashic Records.


You will find Guardian Angels, Akashic Guides, and several other celestial beings showing your past, present, and future when you access your Akashic Records.


Other ways to find answers are to get a Psychic reading or ask your deceased loved ones for advice  through a mediumship session.


Ultimately, true Self-realization comes from gaining genuine knowledge, which unveils your true identity. It is where spirituality truly shines. Being aware of your eternal essence brings profound joy and perseverance. With a pure and applied awareness of your true Self, you become impervious to the ups and downs of the world.

Being a Part of a Spiritual Community Can Greatly Improve Your Life.

Participating in a spiritual community could significantly enhance your life. Numerous spiritual traditions advocate for involvement in a community setting.


Attending Automatic Writing workshops through communal gatherings or joining Akashic Records courses can be a valuable source of social support. It creates a sense of belonging, security, and community that can help develop strong relationships.


Numerous studies have also shown that spiritual engagement or communion notably improves our well-being and extends life expectancy. This underscores the profound impact spiritual communities can have on individuals’ lives.


Participating in a spiritual community nurtures personal growth and spiritual development and contributes to overall health and happiness. Thus, considering involvement in such communities could be a meaningful step toward enriching your life.


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Having Spiritual Resilience Can Help You Overcome Personal Struggles.

In his book “Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges,” Dr. Steven Southwick discusses how individuals facing traumatic experiences, such as abduction, war, or imprisonment, often turn to spirituality or religion for comfort and solace.


He provides examples where spiritually inclined individuals confront adversity and move forward with purposeful lives.


Southwick illustrates this with the story of a woman who overcame post-traumatic stress following an abduction and rape.


By seeking help from an Akashic Records reader, she realized why she went through such an ordeal and used her trauma as a catalyst for personal growth; she gradually improved her life. She attributes her ability to progress to her commitment to spirituality.


Adopting a spiritual practice like learning Automatic Writing and Channeling, which acknowledges the interconnectedness of all beings, can alleviate the pain associated with difficult experiences.


By understanding that many others have endured similar hardships, we can soften the impact of our own troubled experiences.


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Spirituality Helps You Gain the Right Perspective.

To achieve liberation (Moksha), you need only shift your perspective, and spirituality paves the way.


You become spiritually aware only when you truly understand that a higher Self is directing your life course. Simply reading spiritual books isn’t enough; it requires attaining an enlightened perspective (known as Samyak Darshan or Self-realization) that allows one to perceive reality as it truly is.


Your ego-self tends to make you believe that real happiness comes from external factors. When you are unhappy, you externalize the reasons, often trying to blame others.

According to Spiritual Masters, the true source of happiness or unhappiness lies within oneself, and external circumstances are merely instruments. Achieving the proper perspective through Self-realization enables you to recognize this truth and solve life’s challenges.

With Self-realization, your perspective naturally becomes clearer, enabling you to recognize the purity within yourself and others. As you acknowledge and address your flaws, you gradually become more spiritually refined and attuned to your true nature.
In conclusion, spirituality offers us the chance to strive for something beyond the transient pleasures of the world. It reminds us that while our bodies are temporary, our soul keeps evolving, learning, and adopting different ways to ensure growth and fulfillment.
Spirituality is not just a set of beliefs or rituals; as stated earlier, it is a way of life that nurtures our minds, refines our character, and brings us lasting satisfaction.
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