Connecting With My Deceased Husband Saved My Life

how to spiritually connect with someone who passed away

 42 years old and inconsolable. One of the most moving example of channeled Automatic Writing stories of people who have done the workshop with us is of Sheetal (name changed due to privacy).


Sheetal lost her husband unexpectedly one night when her children were 11 and 14. This hit her in the face like the coldest of breezes to have ever blown. The loss of losing your life partner is incomparable. You have carved out an entire family with this person.



You have envisioned a future together. The clouds of uncertainty, doubt, anger, and pain hover around when you wonder “What next?”


Through samples, demonstrations, prompts, and practical exercises, we offer real-life illustrations of automatic writing experiences to help you embark on your own transformative journey.


Next steps for the onward journey 



Sheetal was distraught. She did not know the answer to “what next?” and she was not ready to listen to any of her friends or relatives. She did not want to hear their advice or their opinion on what she should do.


For all the well-wishing in the world, Sheetal was indifferent. The only person she wanted to hear from was her husband. She felt that the only person who could understand what she was going through was him. 


The guidance awaited. Reaching a state of higher consciousness through Automatic Writing, Sheetal was able to connect with her deceased husband. She was able to confront the agony she was going through and the scale of loss she was experiencing.


Through Automatic Writing, a new path opened 



Before this life-altering incident, Sheetal was not a working woman. However, when she connected with the soul of her deceased husband, he guided her on the exact steps to take forward. She was shown how to financially and emotionally support her family.


Post the guidance she received, she got a job, got her distraught family back together, and was able to support her in-laws and children. Eventually, she went into a different line of work. 


All that Sheetal needed was a little light. She needed to know that she had not been left alone by her husband and that she would still be supported in her journey forward.


To be able to get those confirmations motivated Sheetal to move forward bravely and with faith. Her life took a whole new turn where the past was one journey finished and the present was a completely new one. 


Support for Lifetime 



It’s been four years since Sheetal came to learn Automatic Writing with us. Her husband continues to shed light on her life forward.


One of the biggest lessons is the lesson of closure, especially when someone suddenly passes away. When we learn that the ending of one journey is only the start of another, we learn acceptance. 


Sheetal changed the face of her reality. Through the medium of Automatic Writing, she empowered herself and her family.  She lives the truth that endings are only new beginnings. 


Uncover the transformative effects of automatic writing exercises, delve into its psychological aspects, and immerse yourself in the stories and therapeutic benefits it brings. Immerse yourself in visual representations of this practice.

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