Am I Cursed?

curses and blessings

“Am I cursed?” Mona, my 53-year-old client asked me after losing her 11th house to an unfortunate incident. 


Mona is an interior designer living in Jaipur with her husband and her two sons. Owing to her experience in interior design, she has a great grasp of her field and earns a handsome income. However, there had been a repeating pattern in Mona’s life, the design of which she couldn’t make out. 



An Irony or a Curse? 


Given her love for interior design, naturally, Mona always wanted a house of her own. With hard work, excellent skills, and determination, she bought a house for her parents when she was 28, liberating them from living in rented places for all their lives. 


When she got married at 30, she bought a house with her husband in joint custody. Her first house caught fire barely leaving her parents unharmed. 4 months into her second house with her husband, they had to leave and move into a rented apartment. Why? Because her husband got laid off from his job. Thus, the saga of losing houses went on. 


Mona lost so many houses, she could never feel at home anywhere, anymore. That feeling of ‘being at home’ was lost. 


When she approached us, we recommended an Akashic Records Reading and Clearing for Mona because patterns like these have much deeper roots than we are aware of. 


After channeling her Akashic Records, we found out that in one of her past lives, Mona had been a very influential and corrupted man. His reign of terror ruled the land not very far from Mona’s birthplace. 



What Goes Around Comes Around 

“Magic is not always formed from words, from cauldrons brewing sides or black cats strolling down dark alleys. Some curses are manifested from desire or injustice.”

Shea Ernshaw, The Wicked Deep


To expand his empire of power, domination, terror, and business, that man had cost a lot of poor people their bamboo huts. He was profusely cursed by those who lost their shelter because of him but he couldn’t care less.


He wanted to own the land and everything on it. However, he couldn’t escape the curses sworn at him. And he wouldn’t, until many many lives. 



A Chance To Forgive and Heal 


A wave of hurt, anger, pain and a million apologies passed over Mona’s face upon the discovery of her past life’s truth. She now knew what she had wondered for over 15 years.


Through an Akashic Records Clearing, she found a chance to forgive and heal, discovering how to break free from generational curses and heal dark souls.


It has been two years since the Reading. Mona is settled into a home built on the same land as her parents’ home. “An invisible weight from my heart has lifted”, she continues to say. However, forgiving her past is still very much a journey. 


When our Akashic Records reveal a painful past life truth, they push us to do inner work, to relieve our Soul of the past life karma. The process of healing is ultimately a personal choice, and it can help to release the impact of curse marks and dark souls from our spiritual journey.


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So to answer the question of many of you who ask ‘Am I cursed?’ or ‘Are curses real?’, yes, our dear friends, they are. Words and intentions have the power to bless as well as curse us. This is why the law of karma is important to be followed.


Whatever goes around does come around, even if it comes around in a different lifetime. We don’t carry our furniture, clothes, or money on our journey onward. What we do carry is our deeds, our intentions, our vows, and our curses.


The effects of curses can be profound, impacting our journey through lifetimes. However, there is hope for breaking curses and experiencing healing.


If there is a repeating pattern in your life causing a block or unhappiness, your Akashic Records can reveal that and we can help you with it


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  1. Sometimes I feel curses and black magic are two sides of the same coin. Both entail the element of CONTROL, exerting influence and power (in a bad way of course), and choice. What do you think?

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