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Discover profound spiritual insights in Dr. Manmit Kumarr’s transformative mini workshops and webinars. Unveil the mysteries of mindfulness, meditation, and self-discovery in these 1 hour to 1 day workshops. 

Dr. Manmit Kumarr is a well known Spiritual teacher, gifted Psychic and medium who profound wisdom and compassionate guidance will elevate your spiritual awareness, leading to inner peace and a deeper connection with the universe. These online and offline small-group sessions offer an intimate setting for personalized attention and growth. Step on to the path of spiritual fulfillment today with Dr. Manmit Kumarr’s spiritual workshops and webinars.

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What will this cover? This is a live meditation conducted by Dr Kumarr that will cover the following:
1. Live channeled messages from her Guides, “The Collective”
2. Meditation for inviting more Money
3. Meditation for Power and Courage
4. Meditation for purging the past


New Moon Meditation and Maa Kali Havan Event

Experience the transformative power of the New Moon Meditation and Maa Kali Havan. The new moon signifies new intentions and fresh beginnings, allowing you to embrace regeneration. Connect with universal energy through meditation, empowering your dreams to manifest into reality. Maa Kali’s puja dissolves negative forces, creating space for positivity, health, and prosperity.


Full Moon Meditation and Lord Hanuman Havan

Immerse yourself in the transformative energy of the Full Moon Meditation and Lord Hanuman’s Puja. Full moon days hold immense power for releasing what no longer serves you, and through inward focus and raised vibrations, you can dissolve burdens and find balance. Embrace the empowering energy of Lord Hanuman’s puja, known as Sankat Mochan, to shed and protect yourself and your loved ones.


Meet the Teacher : Dr. Manmit

Dr. Manmit Kumarr is a skilled Akashic Records reader and a passionate Automatic Writing teacher.


She is also a gifted psychic and medium who constantly works with higher dimensions and acts as a channel for the deceased to communicate with their loved ones on Earth. Manmit comes from a disciplined army family background where she grew up with the idiosyncrasies of an Army household.


She is an alumnus of Delhi University and has received her Doctorate in ‘Spiritual Counselling’ from Mother Teresa University, Australia.


Manmit spells her life purpose as, “training and guiding 500,000 people to achieve spiritual sufficiency.”

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