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Spiritual Coach, Psychic
and Medium

Meet India's pioneer in Automatic Writing
and Akashic Records

Spiritual Coach, Psychic
and Medium

Online Readings

USD 115/ INR 8888

Career Psychic

Discover your professional future and know how you can be successful in your job or business.

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USD 444/ INR 35000

Comprehensive Life Reading

Everything that your future holds- from money, success, fame, change, relationship guidance.

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USD 130/ INR 9999

Love Relationship Psychic Reading

Soulmates, Twin Flames, Karmic relationships, Soul Twins- discover the nature

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automatic writing workshop by Dr. Manmit Kumarr

Automatic Writing

The Automatic Writing Workshop is a beginner-level workshop that helps you connect directly with your angels and spirit guides.

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Akashic REcords Reading by dr. Manmit Kumarr

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records workshop helps explore your soul journey, address past life blocks, and connect with Soul Guides.

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Automatic Writing Advanced

The Automatic Writing Advanced Workshop is a higher lever workshop which helps you find meaning and live a life with direction and clarity.

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Mediumship by Dr. Manmit Kumarr


Mediumship workshop enlightens you on the essence of Mediumship, guiding you to harness this gift for personal and collective benefit.

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Future Reading

Explore your future with Dr. Manmit, a psychic and Soul astrologer to make informed decisions on your soul's journey.

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Break The Matrix by Dr. Manmit Kumarr

Break The Matrix

Break the Matrix: A six-month Spiritual Coaching Programme for Spiritual Ascension and Complete Life Transformation.

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Our Clients Speak for Us

“I had taken the Akashic Records service to know about situations happening in my life, why was there a pattern, I was in pain. It’s a fantastic session that was broken into 4 parts.

As Dr. Manmit explained it to me, it resonated with me. She is psychic, I had never met her before whatever she said was true. She told me about my soul strength and guided me with tools to handle the situation. Highly recommend to people when you do not get answers from astrology go and check your Akashic records you will get your answers.

Dr. Manmit is an expert in Soul Astrology, get your reading done. She does clearings, there is a lot of energy work involved . Akashic records will not solve all your problems it empowers us to know the core issue and take help to resolve it.

I am grateful to Dr. Manmit and her team, blessings to her team."
Nitya Sudhakaran
Senior Analyst, Mumbai
“I reached out to Manmeet at the time of my mother’s death. In fact, we had 3 deaths in the family leaving us little time and mental space to understand and react to anything and our grief pushed us to find any/ one single way of speaking to mom as the death was too sudden. Her team (Pratima) came in like a family member that time listening to the smallest details and understanding that, sometimes, people can be skeptical about psychics and the services that they offer, particularly if they have never undergone such an experience in the past as was the case with me being an atheist, this sounded like the new buzzword but trust me when the sessions started and then we received that the first 3 messages from Manmeet, our life, belief, the grieving process changed for the better. With Manmeet, it’s not just looking at the past and the deceased, it’s about empowering the family with the knowledge of the journey that the loved one is taking and the journey we should take to fulfill our soul purpose. In an hour’s time, I was able to get answers to our most pressing questions and have been at peace knowing that a medium is there to help us out. Massive value in a session where she was able to relay messages and events that were only known to mom and us. Glad to have found a mentor via this session in Manmeet. Thanks a lot, Manmeet and Pratima. ”
Aditi Jain
Corporate Professional, Delhi
“I requested Manmeet Ma’am to help me as a medium after losing a loved one. I was helpless and full of doubts when I got in touch with her. Pratima (her team) is extremely compassionate and understanding. Manmeet Ma’am herself counseled me, the humility with which Ma’am spoke to me can only come from a truly spiritual person. I was an absolute non-believer, but the accuracy and detail in the messages that she gave were impeccable. Grief is hard. I truly got closure and felt at peace. Deep Gratitude. I am looking forward to having a long association with the soul miracles family. Ma’am held my hand through one of the most difficult phases of my life. Love you Manmeet Ma’am. ”
Debganga Deb Roy
Lawyer, Bangalore

Upcoming Workshops


December, 2023

Automatic Writing Level 1


Febraury, 2024

Automatic Writing Advanced


March, 2024

Lord Dhanvantri Healing Havan


May, 2024

Soul Alchemy

More Love From Clients

“Meeting manmeet mam was the biggest blessing of my life. It’s been 3 years now and my life has completely changed and I am a different person from fearful to powerful and courageous.”
Dance Fitness by Neayhaa
“Dr Manmeet is a thorough professional and her sessions leave me with a sense of well being and calm always. Her energy and aura, which is very important in work like this, is charismatic. People like mam are aptly called light workers or energy workers. This whole path / spiritual journey can be uplifting or outright boring. I am glad I started my journey with her as a guide.”
Suchithra Thyagraj
“Workshops with Dr. Manmit are healing and energizing. She unboxes the spiritual world in a very easy and understandable way giving simple tips that can be used in daily life. There is also a community that her team fosters which brings in connectedness and leaning in support when needed. If you have questions that remain unanswered or have decisions that need to be made, Soul Miracles is the place to go! It’s my happy space!”
Bani Kaur

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